Sunday 11 August 2013

Sunday Best!

Good morning all - Sunday Best time again! 

Today's Tutorial features a Candi Rose, one of the simplest flowers to create using Candi.

1. Punch 2 circles.
2. Fold 1 of the circles in half.
3. Glue the folded circle to the other punched circle to create a holder to make your Candi Rose on.
4. What your flower will look like from the back.
5. What you will see from the front.

Creating your Candi Rose
1. Put a blob of glue onto your punched circle holder in the centre.
2. Cover with Candi piece, used upside down like a cup.
3. Apply glue around edge of this centre piece and add Candi, upside down, to create petals.
4. Continue all the way around until you have a complete row.

Continue building up rows of petals, applying glue around outside edge of last row and adding more Candi, all upside down like cups until you have the required size of Candi Rose.

Add a centre 'bud', using foam pads and adding a final piece of Candi to the centre, dome shaped up.

Here are a few Candi Roses and flowers made by our clever customers in the UK, first up is Julie Summers who is brand new to Craftwork Cards and has already fallen for Candi!  Welcome and thank you for this  very pretty flower Julie ......

More Candi blooms, this time from Jane Tyrrell - Jane has been following Candi Club in the UK for a few weeks now and has made lots of lovely flowers for us to see.  Jane has enjoyed it so much she has created a step-by-step post on her own blog on creating with Candi.  Jane has sent a lovely card too which I'm leaving to Jo for her Spring  theme competition so watch out for it folks it's really lovely! Thanks Jane...

I am doing this post from the very soggy, cold and wet Kent coast this week and have only a limited craft stash here so decided to use some simple Candi blooms with some Goody Box papers, soooo 
lovely all of them - just wishing I had been sitting in the sun when making them - hope you enjoy and are inspired to stock up your Candi!

See you back here, same time, same place next Sunday!
Take care, keep happy, smiling and crafting!

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