Sunday 18 August 2013

Sunday Best!

Morning Eveyone 
Sunday Best time again with Marie from across the pond!

My Candi flower that I am showing today is not one I have thought up and created, it's from one of Craftwork Cards lovely customers, namely Christine Dyer, thank you so much Christine.  I have tried to copy yours but think I have a little more practice to do!!

Here is a little picture of Christine's beautiful bloom which I think looks like a rose...

I think Christine uses a tweezers to 'twist' the Candi into petals, I used my fingers! Using both hands - thumb and index finger on both.

I held the Candi at either end, right side towards me, and twisted in opposite directions (a bit like wrapping a sweet in a cellophane wrapper ).  Hope this makes sense, it wasn't something I could take pictures of.... 

Next I cut a slice off the top and bottom of a piece of Candi and rolled it between my fingers to make the centre. 

 I then use my own little circle holder invention to make the rose, punch 2 circles, fold 1 in half and glue to the other circle, you now have a little holder to create your flower on - see last weeks Sunday Best for images.  Add a nice blob of quick drying glue, rolled centre in the middle, 3 petals for 1st layer, 5 petals for 2nd layer and if you do a 3rd, you need another 7 petals - I only did the centre and 2 layers as I wanted smaller 'roses' for smaller cards.  

When the rose is dry carefully cut away the card circle holder so that are just left with your bloom on a little piece of card, this won't be seen when glued to card/project.  

This twisted Candi makes the most pretty rose, a really fab invention Christine, a big thanks from all us Candi devotees.  

Here are my attempts and a couple of little cards to show them off.  I have done a little bit of matting and layering today, not something I do too often but I just wanted to show off some of the beautiful pearlised card stock which is now available in a pack of   Mixed colours so you get to try them all, they are really fab!

Close ups .....

I'll be back next Sunday with more Candi inspiration!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend, keep smiling, crafting and be happy.....

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