Sunday 4 August 2013

Sunday Best!

Hi Everybody Sunday Best time again!

Today I am sharing a Tutorial with you all and we are making a Candi TULIP ....... Small but perfectly formed in just 7 steps........

As Candi is too small to demo on, I'm using 1" circles for demo purposes

1.  Take a single piece of Candi to start.
2. Take the Candi and cut a small slice off the top.
3. Starting in the centre of the new straight edge, cut little zig zags along the top of the straight edge, fine bladed scissors are best for this.
4. Take a second piece of Candi  (contrasting colour best for petals or green for leaves) and cut just over 3/4 way through the centre of the Candi.

5. At either side of this initial cut, cutting out a 'V' piece 
6. Your disc will now have a deep 'V' removed
7. Hold 2nd piece of Candi by 'points' at top of 'V' and pull apart very gently to widen the 'V' gap, place a small blob of glue on the back of the 2nd Candi
Finished Tulip.  Place 2nd piece of Candi on top of  1st  making sure it's just glued at the base so 2nd layer looks like petals or leaves and gives some dimension  = TULIP!!

As these little tulips are so cute and tiny I think they look best on a small 96 x 96 card, here are some cards I made using my little tulips, hope you like them.

Hope you have enjoyed the tutorial today, join me next week for more Candi inspiration!

Keep happy, smiling and crafting

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