Tuesday 1 April 2014

How do you use Candi? A Fun Survey!

Hello Everyone

Firstly,  happy Mother's Day to all you crafty Mum's - have a really great day and secondly a very happy birthday to , probably our youngest contributed ever to Tina's Thursday blog, a little girl called Nia who is celebrating her 5th birthday with a party today - Happy Birthday Nia, have a really fun day!  xxx

We're still on our Candi fest and today I have some more fun for you all, please read on .......

                                                     A FUN CANDI SURVEY

We all love Candi and know you do too, so to give us an idea of just how much and how it features in your crafting, it would be great if you could answer the questions below.

There are 10 prizes of hand decorated notebooks to give away, contributors picked at random.

Here's how they started out.........

Here's how they look now .......

I have covered little notebooks with CWC pearlised card (I love it!) and then used lighter weight papers, ribbon, bows, stickles, glossy accents and lots of Candi to decorate....

 Here's how your prize will arrive, in pink tissue with a handmade Candi bloom label! 

We will post the results of what you say and relevant pics on the blog during Candi Love week.

CANDI LOVE - in the crafting dictionary it means a love of the amazingly versatile 'leg-less brad' created by Craftwork Cards to be used in your daily crafting for soooo many different looks.  It comes in stunning colours and designs to tone with, match and enhance all your crafting projects  - a must 
in every crafters stash..............

1.  What would you say about Candi in your dictionary?

2.  Do you have lots of a Candi?

3.   How many varieties?

4.   How do you store it? (Happy to see pic, in fact would love to!)

5.   If you use Candi boxes, how do you know what's in the boxes?

6.   Do you have a Candi index or library of patterns, colours etc.?

7.   Do you use with Candi fix? If so do you stick the fix to the Candi or pop on the card/project and then pop on the Candi on top?

8.   What's your main use of Candi?

9.   Any ideas or thoughts on what else we can do to with Candi?

10.  If there was a Candi workshop in your area, would you want to attend? If so, where do you live? 

And now - another fun competition.  Pop you creative poetic heads on and compose a  Candi Limerick (5 lines - 1st, 2nd and 5th rhyming and 3rd and 4th rhyming) I've been working on mine but it's not very good! There's a great prize for this too  :  4 bags of Candi and Candi Stamp - Bubble Bloom – Christina, Closing Date: 02/04/2014

Please email on candilovebycwc@talktalk.net. And don't forget to leave a comment on the blog too to qualify.  Thank you for taking the time to give us your feedback, we are really looking forward to your responses, seeing your storage pics and hearing what you think.  Can't wait for those Limericks too!  Watch the blog for the results!

Results of guess the number of a Candi in champagne glass out on 2/2/14 so still time to enter and  don't forget to pop by and check to see if you are the lucky winner!

Until tomorrow, keep happy and dreaming of Candi!

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  1. I love Card Candi! I only wish it was more readily available in my local craft stores.