Saturday 29 March 2014

Candi or Champagne / Champagne or Candi ???

Morning All....

Day 2 of Candi Love week and only a day away from Mother's Day for all you lucky Mums out there, hope you're all planning a nice relaxing day.

Another competition today, a champagne flute crammed with Candi and you've guessed it, we want to know how many pieces of Candi are in the glass.  I had the task of counting them too! I thought I'd do it twice to make sure I was right but ended up doing 3 counts as 2nd was interrupted and by the time I went back to it couldn't remember what I was up to, lol! Anyway I now know exactly how many there are and have written it down so it's not forgotten.  What we want you to do is email at and let us know how many pieces of Candi you think are in the glass, the winner will be the person who guesses exactly or is closest to the magic number. The Prize is a  Candi Selection Box with 13 boxes full of Candi, you have until the end of 1st April 2014 to get your answers in, make sure you comment on the blog too........

Here's the glass below!

I thought for the picture I would set the scene and include a bottle of bubbly, if I give a bottle as a present I always make a nice a bottle label to pretty it up for the recipient....

A bottle label is easy to make and probably by looking at it you will see how, just cut some card to suit the size of the bottle, I'm a very big fan of Craftwork Cards pearlised card and here I have used the beautiful Damask Pearl Blue which is perfect with the pastel Kitsch, Tea Dance and many other of the fab Craftwork Card ranges. Score and cut a circle in the centre of the shorter piece to go over the neck of the bottle and decorate as desired . I have used Kitsch flowers and papers and lots of Candi of course.  You could also use a beautiful bow on the stem of your glass, just stick some ribbon on the back and tie around the stem for an extra pretty flourish.

That's it for today folks, back tomorrow  with even more Candi and a fun survey for you all to take part in.  Until then, keep happy, smiling and crafting with Candi.........


  1. Beautiful card! I would say there are 247 pieces of Card Candi in that flute.

  2. Thanks for replying Cheryl! Watch the blog to see if you are the lucky winner! Mars x